Transforming Vacant Lots

into New Opportunities

Vacant lots occupy 43% of the total land in Phoenix. The mission of PHX Renews is simple: to find temporary uses for these lots that will beautify the city while promoting sustainability and a sense of community.

“When I became mayor, I recognized the negative impact vacant lots have on our community and businesses. So, we got to work to bring businesses, community members, and non-profits together to transform these lots into new opportunities.”
—Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix

A Quick History of PHX Renews

  • Nov 2012

    Mayor Stanton helps form a coalition of local businesses and nonprofits, known as PHX Renews, to find uses for the many vacant lots in Phoenix.

  • Sep 2013

    Activation Day is held for the first vacant lot on Central and Indian School. The site now boasts 16 partners, dozens of community gardens and many other attractions.

  • Dec 2013

    PetSmart delivers the Pop Up Park (PUP), the first prototype of its kind in the nation.

  • Jan 2014

    The second official location has its grand opening. Known as Vernon Avenue Pocket Park, this 2,000 square-foot lot transformation was conceived of by local Shine Coffee business owners who turned to Kickstarter to help fund it.

  • Mar 2014

    PHX Renews hosted President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton for the Clinton Foundation's 9th Annual Day of Action! 650 students from around the world took part in various volunteer projects on the 15-acre site!

  • Jul 2014

    PHX Renews hosted the Clinton Foundation's 9th Annual Day of Action with Former President Bill Clinton and & Chelsea Clinton on March 23rd! 650 College students from around the world worked on a wide array of volunteer activities.

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Project Locations & Information

We’re currently transforming these two locations. More are in the works!

Central & Indian School

This is our first project location. It’s 15 acres and boasts urban agriculture, community gardens, attractions, and more.

See hours, direction & things to do here

Vernon Avenue Pocket Park

The second official PHX Renews location is an urban gem of only 2,000 square feet with leafy trees and a green lawn at Central & Vernon Avenues.

See hours, direction & things to do here

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